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This system processes typical boiled sausage products with a diameter of 42 to 45 mm and provides them with an opening aid (or ‘flip’). The flip can vary in appearance and the designs. For instance, it could feature distinguishing characteristics of the sausage manufacturer in the form of its company logo, company colours, or lettering.

Performance data for the system:

  • System capacity: 60 items per minute
  • Flip dimensions: 25 x 25 x 1.75 mm

Products, which are encased in a special synthetic casing before being placed in surface protection packaging. The surface protection also prevents the product from drying out and can only be removed with an additional aid, but not the synthetic casing underneath.

The casings used cannot be opened or deliberately torn open without the use of an aid (knife). To make this possible, a specific casing with these special features was initially designed. Also, an opening aid is needed, which is situated on the surface of the casing. There are different approaches, such as a plastic disc (flip) stuck on the casing, which allows the user to tear it and peel it off by manually lifting up the casing surface.

Casings and flip can be purchased directly at the Kalle Nalo company.

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