ITEC – Innovative hygiene systems successfully used around the world

ITEC has been a strong name in the food industry for over 25 years and is a Frontmatec brand for innovative hygiene equipment and systems.

The brand originated from ITEC GmbH in Beckum, Germany, a global market leader for personnel hygiene and innovative automation systems for the food industry, and for ergonomic assist systems.

We have a worldwide network of partners to support customers at home and abroad, helping them to compete in global markets. High quality, pragmatism and reliability are the basis for long-term partnerships and sustainable growth. ITEC is represented worldwide by over 80 sales and service partners.

ITEC – Systematic hygiene technology

Hygiene protects consumers and gives businesses a global competitive edge and is vital wherever hygiene requirements are high.

Our goal is to fully integrate hygiene into the operating systems of our customers. Since 1990, we have therefore been developing high-quality hygiene systems to give customers reliable, state-of-the-art and profitable support.

The ITEC product portfolio ranges from modular cleaning, disinfection and stringent control systems through to comprehensive hygiene locks at production access points. For food hygiene, the range begins with knife and apron cleaning systems and extends through to non-chemical surface disinfection using UVC tunnels. 

Each product meets the maximum standards for safety, efficiency and sustainability. Our customers can then meet the increasing demands of consumers and new standards.


High-quality products and easy to replace parts

Sustainability begins by having high-quality products and hygiene systems. You can plan to use our products over the long term. Any system comprises parts that wear and need replacement at regular intervals.

Our systems are designed to be service-friendly and low-maintenance to guarantee long service lives. They consume less power, water and chemicals to save money and protect the environment.

Sustainability is also about having the right system for the task. Before you place an order, we advise you to ensure you get a future-proof and sustainable system.