Designing safe and profitable workplaces - this is a principle of our engineers who have been dealing with the topic of ergonomics in the food industry for many years. Ergonomically designed workplaces have a positive effect on performance, work quality and sick leave.

ITEC has developed a variety of professional working aids for lifting and emptying containers: from simple lifting and tilting devices to complete weighing and charging systems.

Full list of categories and products

Lifting and Tilting Device


Devices for Containers

Lifting and tilting units for the handling of bins and containers up to 1,000 kg, for more efficiency in the food industry.


Devices for Trolleys 200/300 l up to 350 kg

Ergonomic lifting and tilting device - especially for picking up 200 litre and 300 litre standard trolleys with up to 350 kg.


Devices for Euro Standard Tray E2 up to 100 kg

Lifting and tilting unit for picking up Euro standard trays E2 with up to 100 kg - ensuring a professional handling in the entire food industry.


Devices for Barrels up to 350 kg

This lifting and tilting unit for picking up barrels with up to 350 kg was especially designed for practices in the food industry.

Lifting, Weighing and Tilting Device


Devices for Bins/Containers

Lifting, weighing and tilting unit for bins and containers - providing professional handling aids to the entire food industry.


Device for Trolleys 200/300 l

Lifting, weighing and tilting unit for trolleys with 200 litre and 300 litre - for specialized usage in the food industry.

Trolleys and Meatbins


Charging Trolleys according to DIN9797 up to 300 l

The charging trolleys according to DIN9797 were developed with a solid construction for up to 300 litre of cargo - especially for the food industry.


Trolleys and Bins up to 600 l

The trolleys and bins are designed for the food industry with a solid construction for up to 600 litre of cargo.


Bins up to 1,000 l

The bins are designed for the food industry with a solid construction for up to 1,000 litre of filling.


Lids for Charging Trolleys

Lids for charging trolleys ensure product safety, cover all maturing processes, protection during internal transport and other requirements.

Special Solutions


Automatic Bag Cutter

Factories, that have to remove products from transit bags for further processing, will significantly improve the efficiency of this production step with this system.


Pressing Station for Octabins

Octabins filled with frozen products can be pressed with this station to break up the block formation. This process makes it easier to tip the products.


Swing-Loader for -28°C

The Swing-Loader type 27200 offers particularly ergonomic and safe handling of 600 litre and 1,000 litre standard and special charging trays and barrels.


Diverse Trolleys

Various charging trolleys on request for a wide range of applications.


Touch Panel i18

IP69K high performance touch panel computer.

ITEC – who we are

ITEC is a strong brand from the Frontmatec Group for innovative hygiene equipment and systems. The brand includes modular cleaning and disinfecting solutions and extends through to rigorous control systems and complete hygiene sluices. In food hygiene, ITEC products range from knife and apron cleaning units through to chemical-free surface cleansing using UVC tunnel systems.

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