Control Systems for Hand Cleaning & Disinfection

When staff and visitors transfer from standard to sensitive areas that have increased hygiene requirements such as in hospitals and medical practices, hand disinfection is essential.

If control systems are installed in the public areas of hospitals, particularly at entrances, the transfer of pathogens to the patient areas can be significantly reduced.


Duosoap type 23741

Soap dispenser: The Duosoap type 23741 is designed for all areas where the hand cleaning has to be done compulsorily.


Inlet Control type 23740

Disinfectant dispenser: The Inlet Control type 23740 is designed for all areas where the disinfection of the hands has to be done compulsorily.


Mano Control type 23745/23746

Soap/Disinfectant dispenser: The Mano Control consists of a stainless-steel cabinet with openings for easy maintenance.


Mano Vision type 23780

Disinfectant dispenser: The Mano Vision type 23780 monitors the hand disinfection process using a camera.


Inlet Complete type 23761/23771

Complete Hand Cleaning System: The Inlet Complete type 23761/23771 offers an innovative solution: Hands are cleaned, dried and disinfected in a systematic and controlled process.


Mano Complete type 23765/23775

Complete Hand Cleaning System: The Mano Complete type 23765/23775 guarantees controlled hand hygiene, especially in hygienically sensitive areas.
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ITEC – who we are

ITEC is a strong brand from the Frontmatec Group for innovative hygiene equipment and systems. The brand includes modular cleaning and disinfecting solutions and extends through to rigorous control systems and complete hygiene sluices. In food hygiene, ITEC products range from knife and apron cleaning units through to chemical-free surface cleansing using UVC tunnel systems.

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