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Solo Traditio type 23821

The Solo Traditio type 23821 is a wall-mounted compact unit for easy sole cleaning.
The sole cleaner cleans the sole and side rims of the sole with a rotating brush roller and lateral flat brushes.


  • Simple operation
  • Safe standing of the operator
  • Two-phase cleaning, water/chemical separate
  • Simple operation
  • Easy cleaning with removable brushes
  • Complies with the strict EU and US hygiene regulations as well as the applicable TÜV regulations and VDE guidelines

The sole cleaner for wall fixing

The Solo Traditio with its small dimensions is ideal for placement in passage ways and niches.

By simple removal of the brushes without tools a perfect hygiene of the appliance is guaranteed. All components of the appliance in danger of corrosion have been made of stainless steel 1.4301 or of resistant plastics.

Options: Pedestal for free mounting

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ITEC – who we are

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