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Personnel hygiene

Coronavirus-Exit: Hygiene tower for hand disinfection

Hygiene towers for hand disinfection are indispensable for the first loosening of Coronavirus restrictions. Shops may reopen in compliance with certain hygiene and distance rules, on condition that they have a suitable hygiene concept. The aim is to avoid unnecessary contacts and, if they do exist, to minimize the risk of infection through special hygiene and protective measures.

Hygiene tower for hand disinfection without the need for additional personnel 


Employees, customers, guests and visitors must be protected from viruses, bacteria or unwanted germs. The disinfectant dispenser Mano Tower from ITEC was developed for this purpose. The dispenser is suitable for food wholesale and retailing as well as for all business areas where shopping carts are used.

ITEC Mano Tower disinfectant dispenser is also ideal for gyms and other branches with a large number of visitors and customers. The hygiene tower enables rapid disinfection without additional personnel.

The disinfectant dispenser reduces the manpower and provides customers with a simple and ergonomic handling. The disinfectant dispensers are equipped with a hand disinfectant, a dispenser for disinfectant wipes and a waste paper basket for direct and rapid disposal of used wipes.


Mano Tower hygiene units of the ITEC brand

The special hygiene pedestals allow every customer to disinfect the shopping cart. Before entering the shop, the carts can be cleaned of viruses, bacteria and unwanted germs with the help of the disinfection wipes. The wipe is then disposed of directly in the waste bin. Finally, customers can disinfect their own hands.

The dosage of the disinfectant is adjustable. Conventional bins with endless disinfectant wipes can be inserted into the device. The compartments for filling and emptying are located on the back and are lockable to protect against vandalism and theft. Two rollers mounted on the unit allow quick and easy change of position.


Automatic and manual hand disinfectant dispenser

The disinfectant dispensers are available in two versions: an automatic hand disinfectant dispenser or a manual arm lever dispenser. Both versions are completely made of stainless-steel and are easy to clean due to the hygienic design.

All built-in components are industrially tested and with their stainless-steel housing they grant ITEC quality and durability. Stove enameling is available as an option and allows powder coating in a RAL color. The sloping roof also prevents it from being used as a storage space.

The automatic dispenser is integrated into the pedestal and allows the disinfectant to be removed without touching it. In this version, up to 5 liters of disinfectant can be stored. The integrated removable drip tray takes up the excess disinfectant.

Optional kann der automatische Spender mit einem 11,6 Zoll Bildschirm versehen werden. Auf diesem können Sie Informationen oder Werbeanzeigen in Bild- und Videoform präsentieren. Der Mano Tower wird durch die zusätzliche Werbefläche zur weiteren Einnahmequelle.The automatic dispenser can optionally be equipped with an 11.6 inch screen. On this you can present information or advertisements in image and video form. The Mano Tower becomes an additional source of income thanks to the additional advertising space.

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