Cleaning Trough type 20550-3W

The cleaning trough type 20550-3W with 24V sensor control guarantees hygienic, energy- and cost-saving cleaning of the hands and is ideal for areas with a high public frequency in industrial companies as well as craft businesses with focus on food.


  • Reduced water consumption due to sensor and economizer at stainless steel outlet
  • If the sensor is damaged or willfully covered, the water runs max. 30 seconds
  • Integrated Aquaflow function (hygienic rinsing) prevents contamination in the piping system
  • Drawn basin body with panel completely made of stainless-steel
  • Easy installation

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Top in function and design

The touchless operation of the cleaning trough type 20550-3W is extremely hygienic in use and also energy and cost-saving: Water only flows when the hands are held under the stainless-steel spout, only during the actual cleaning of the hands. In combination with a water-saving aerator, water consumption is reduced to 1 to 1.5 litres.
The basin is equipped with an Aquaflow function, which controls the stagnation times of the drinking water in the pipe system and thus reduces the undesirable growth of bacteria.

Cleaning trough type 20550-3W complies with EU and US hygiene requirements as well as electrical regulations according to VDE standard. USDA-compliant cleaning of the forearms possible.


  • Wall mounting or as floor-mounted appliance

  • Soap or disinfectant dispenser

  • Power connection and water supply from the ceiling

  • Paper dispenser units or hand dryer

  • 9V battery control system

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