Knife Holder Storage

After cleaning and disinfection, an essential part of the ITEC knife holder systems, is the safe and hygienic storage and transport of knife holders. From the lockable wall mounting to the special designed transport trolley.

Personnel Hygiene

Wall-mounted Knife Holder

The lockable wall brackets are part of the overall ITEC knife holder system an come with different ones storage capacities and designs available.

Personnel Hygiene

Trolley for Storing Knife Holders

Trolleys for storing knife holders allow safe transport and storage of knife holders. The design of the trolley depends on the type of knife holder and the capacity.
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ITEC – who we are

ITEC is a strong brand from the Frontmatec Group for innovative hygiene equipment and systems. The brand includes modular cleaning and disinfecting solutions and extends through to rigorous control systems and complete hygiene sluices. In food hygiene, ITEC products range from knife and apron cleaning units through to chemical-free surface cleansing using UVC tunnel systems.

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