Solo Dynamic type 23860

The Solo Dynamic type 23860 is the ideal solution for fast, ergonomic cleaning and disinfection of soles and side edges in a continuous process, even for smaller production accesses.


  • Simple and safe operation
  • Optimum machine hygiene through simple removal of the brushes without tools
  • Space-saving design
  • Two-phase cleaning, water/chemical separate

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Sole cleaning in the pass-through process

The cleaning and disinfection process is activated by embracing the handrail. It gives the user a save stand. The dosage of cleaning and disinfecting agent is adjustable over the duration of the dosing pump. The brushes are wetted by 2 independent nozzles with water and chemistry. The use of a pipe separator in the drinking water pipe is not required.


  • Can be combined with all controlled ITEC hand hygiene stations or turnstiles

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ITEC is a strong brand from the Frontmatec Group for innovative hygiene equipment and systems. The brand includes modular cleaning and disinfecting solutions and extends through to rigorous control systems and complete hygiene sluices. In food hygiene, ITEC products range from knife and apron cleaning units through to chemical-free surface cleansing using UVC tunnel systems.

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