Cleaning Basin type 20550 W Touchless

The cleaning basin type 20550 W Touchless is an enhanced version of the successful hand cleaning basin series type 20550 and enables completely contactless hand cleaning/disinfection.

Instead of the conventional arm lever dispenser type I 1000, the well-known sensor-controlled stainless steel water faucet was converted into a sensor-controlled, touch-free 1l soap/disinfectant dispenser.


  • Touchless sensor-controlled soap withdrawal, water activation, and disinfectant withdrawal
  • Shortened hand cleaning process and faster walk through times of the hygiene sluice
  • Maximum Hand HygieneReduced water and chemical consumption
  • Water-resistant
  • If the sensor is damaged or willfully covered, the water runs max. 30 seconds
  • Integrated Aquaflow function (hygienic rinsing) prevents contamination in the piping system
  • Drawn basin body with panel completely made of stainless steel
  • Non-contact sensor-controlled cleaning procedure
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Hygienic Design – easy to clean

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Hand hygiene - contactless - comfortable - compact

The touchless dispensers and the touchless water fitting of the cleaning basin Type 20550 Touchless are extremely hygienic to use and also save energy and costs.

The hand wash basin is a compact and ready-mounted unit. The dispensers are permanently installed and operated by a special control system and a reliable and durable membrane pump.

The open, hygienic design allows easy replacement of soap or disinfectant. The 1l container closes hygienically with a spring-loaded lid.

The industry-compliant, robust construction of the basin ensures a high IP protection and thus the use in all areas of the food industry, and in many other industries. Safe functionality is also guaranteed in production facilities with high levels of moisture development.

A thermal mixing valve, including check valves, with a temperature setting range of 30-70 °C, enables thermal disinfection with a water temperature of 70°C.


  • Lockable execution

  • Wall mounting or pedestal

  • Connections from the ceiling

  • Paper towel dispenser with holder and wastebasket

  • Warm air hand dryer

  • Available with a maximum of 6 wash places

  • Continuous flow heater

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